APEX Canada Discusses Welcoming New Team Members

Growing our APEX Canada team has meant welcoming new people on a regular basis. At many companies, this process can be lackluster. In fact, most businesses have at most simple orientation and welcoming programs. Here are several ideas to help make your newest hires feel right at home:

Have a Plan: Perhaps most importantly, you should develop a specific plan for how you will welcome people into your business. Developing a written plan will help you to carefully improve it each time you onboard a new person.

Have a Mentor: Since the beginning of APEX Canada, we have paired new representatives with veteran coaches. This is an excellent way to teach organizational knowledge. It also works to make new hires feel more at home because they have friends from day one.

Express Interest: Undoubtedly, you are interested in learning about your new colleagues. Express this desire to him or her. We suggest dedicating some time on the first day to learn about each other.

Practice Cultural Immersion: Our culture is important to us at APEX Canada, so we are sure to quickly get each new representative involved in it right away. This can be as simple as inviting him or her to a social gathering such as a happy hour.

These tips will enable you to welcome new individuals to your business in a manner that gets them up to speed quickly and efficiently.