APEX Canada Helps You Impress Without Saying a Word

You don’t actually have to say anything to make a lasting positive impression when meeting someone for the first time. We train APEX Canada associates to carefully monitor their body language when making new connections, and we would like to help you do the same through the following tips.

The first and most obvious element of your body language is your posture, and you need to be sure to stand up straight and tall when meeting new people. Keep your back straight but not rigid, and spread your feet apart slightly to demonstrate openness to what the other person is saying.

You also need to relax your arms if you want to make a good and friendly impression. Crossing your arms is the universal sign of guardedness and disinterest, so we at APEX Canada strongly urge you not to do that. When you’re speaking, don’t be afraid to gesture with your hands to emphasize certain points and communicate your enthusiasm about the meeting.

Showing that you understand what your new acquaintance is saying is another good way to make a strong impression that lasts. Look the person in the eye and nod along with his or her points to show that you have been listening well.

Our APEX Canada leaders hope you will implement these strategies the next time you connect with a valuable new contact.