APEX Canada Recognises Executive Accomplishments

PORT COQUITLAM, BC – The APEX Canada management team recently recognised the accomplishments of one of its representatives. According to Jaye, the company CEO, this is part of a motivational initiative.

Jaye explained that a major part of the APEX Canada culture is rewarding executives for their contributions to the company’s success. This takes many forms, including retreats and other trips; however, one of the simplest and most effective rewards is often public recognition. Therefore, he and his management team have made a point to highlight recent accomplishments.

“Our people are some of the best in the business,” he asserted. “They have done an excellent job of learning every aspect of consulting and marketing. We have been able to grow our portfolio thanks to their dedicated work. I believe that great things are in the future of this company because we have such talented, driven people.”

Many of the members of APEX Canada’s team credit their success to learning from Jaye and other company veterans. The organization pairs new hires with experienced managers to learn the essentials of success. This has helped to rapidly develop the skill base of the team.

“Not one day passes where I don’t use the absolutely invaluable skills I learned here,” said Spencer, a team leader who has found much success within APEX Canada. “The coaching and experience I received from Jaye and others has been absolutely paramount to my success.”

“Of course, coaching isn’t the only element of the company’s success,” Spencer continued, “Not only do they truly care about us and helping everyone reach their own goals, they also will teach you how to run the business yourself.”

Spencer continued to describe working at APEX Canada as one of the most challenging jobs imaginable, indicating that the experiences have pushed everyone on the team to new levels of personal and professional success.

APEX Canada’s CEO Discusses Goal Setting

Jaye indicated that goal setting has been an essential element of keeping the APEX Canada group focused on mutual success. There are several techniques he has employed to maximise the impact of team goals.

“Measuring success is an absolute must,” he said. “Not only does this allow you to know when you have reached a goal, it also empowers you to understand why you have been successful or not.”

Clearly, Jay places high emphasis on the importance of shared knowledge. According to him, insight into the company and industry is something every professional should acquire. “Our coaching program is targeted at both team and individual success through goal development. I believe it is one of the most effective systems we have in place.”