What APEX Canada Wants You to Ask

There are some typical interview questions you can expect to be asked when you are evaluated as a candidate. Our APEX Canada leaders realize how important it is to answer these questions well, but we also think it’s important to continue asking yourself some similar things even after you secure the job. Here are a few personal inquiries we suggest that you answer on a regular basis:

• Why Do You Want This Job?: This is a question you can count on being asked during your interview, but do you still have a good response once you’re a few months into your new job? If you don’t, you need to consider why things haven’t gone according to plan and what you can do to improve the situation.

• What Are Your Greatest Strengths?: You were no doubt prepared for this query when you arrived for your interview, and you need to have a good answer for it now that you’re on the job as well. We stress constant improvement at APEX Canada, and you must do the same if you expect to reach your highest career aspirations. If your development feels stuck in neutral, it may be time to explore other options or make serious changes to your current routines.

If you pose these questions to yourself after you get the job, our APEX Canada leaders have no doubt that you will accelerate your career.