APEX Identifies Top Networking Tips

Our APEX team takes advantage of networking whenever possible. We use this key skill to develop new relationships and attract new business. It is as much about connecting others as finding new contacts. Of course, this means you must introduce highly valuable people to each other and also be extremely valuable yourself.

  • Give More than You Ask:  Help others find the people who will be helpful to them. By acting as the connector, you will be positioning yourself to get great referrals later. People like to help those who have helped them.
  • Listen to People:  At APEX, we believe that the most important networking skill is listening. Unfortunately, many people are too wrapped up in themselves to actually do so. Make sure you really understand what others communicate to you.
  • Make Others Feel Important:  Everyone wants to feel important and, as a networker, you have the opportunity to give them that. Many of the most successful individuals are excellent at making others feel needed.
  • Don’t Hunt at Events:  Whenever you attend a networking event, try not to hunt for prospects. Instead, spend the time to get to know others and you will gradually find those who are most relevant to you. When you are too aggressive, people are less likely to want to work with you.

These networking tips from the APEX team will empower you to become a better networking professional.