APEX on Being a Collaborative Leader

Here at APEX, we believe you must connect with your team if you want to be a successful business leader. You can’t afford to close yourself off by staying in your corner office, so we’d like to suggest a few strategies for becoming a more collaborative leader.

  • Change the Work Environment: Try to eliminate walls wherever possible, and get rid of that corner office we mentioned earlier. While your workspace should include quiet areas for reflection and privacy, we think it’s best to keep things open.
  • Show Vulnerability: When you’re willing to admit your weaknesses, it has a way of bringing you closer to your team. We at APEX encourage you to own up to mistakes and bad decisions, because doing so will inspire your associates to speak up when they need assistance or make mistakes.
  • Share the Credit: When things are going well, be sure to spread the spotlight across your entire team. Recognizing the contributions of your people enhances trust and boosts morale throughout the organization.
  • Act Boldly: Don’t be afraid to take big risks, even if they don’t offer much benefit in the short term. Your team will see you as someone who has the collective interest of the team at heart, which will increase the respect they have for you.

You have to be a team player to be an effective leader, and we at APEX hope you will put these tips into action right away.