APEX on Lessons Learned From Starbucks’ Way of Being

As a purveyor of specialty coffees, Starbucks brews are recognized around the world. As we’ve noted at APEX though, it’s not merely the fine java that has allowed this operation to grow into a household name. There are multiple reasons why Starbucks continues to succeed. Let’s explore one specific aspect: Starbucks’ way of being.

When you walk into a Starbucks store, what’s the first thing you notice? Our pros at APEX propose it is the welcoming attitude with which associates greet customers. There’s no sense that you’re interrupting their work, which is a common issue in many retail outlets. Nor is there a sense of canned responses. Instead, baristas are encouraged to be unique and interact genuinely.

Listening is encouraged as per the Starbucks motto, “To connect, discover, and respond.” Team members are expected to actively listen to one another and to customers in order to create a proactive, positive environment.

Another aspect our APEX team appreciates about Starbucks’ way of being is the focus placed on being knowledgeable. As the team learns and explores different facets of the coffee business, they are able to share their knowledge with their customers. This results in a clientele that is more educated in the product and thus more willing to enjoy other offerings or try new promotions.

Last, Starbucks is involved in the community. This is something we also believe in here at APEX. Great businesses should be better neighbors.