APEX Shares an Amazing Tip to Do More

We at APEX are always seeking new ways to improve our productivity. We believe working smarter, as well as harder, than our competitors is the key to success. Recently, we have been focusing on a secret to productivity, which we have known for some time but never realized was so important: focusing on one thing at a time.

In previous years, multitasking was considered the most essential productivity skill. People would proudly brag about their abilities to complete multiple tasks at once. However, recent studies have shown that multitasking actually results in accomplishing less. Despite this, having to do more than one action at a time seems necessary these days. This could be causing a real problem.

The issue at hand is that the brain is very bad at focusing on multiple actions simultaneously. Even more shockingly for us at APEX, we discovered that it can take about a second to mentally switch between tasks. This isn’t very long when you only do it once, but if you are attempting to switch back and forth constantly, nothing is going to really get your fullest attention.

Unfortunately, multitasking is sometimes necessary in the modern work environment. Even so, with this new information in mind, we at APEX have been trying to minimize the amount of multitasking we do. Instead, we make conscious decisions to only focus on one piece of work at a time, whenever possible. So far it seems to really be working out.