Build a Team of Chief Purpose Officers

Our vision creates a strong purpose that drives every aspect of APEX’s work. Many of today’s best business teams are realizing that purpose is an essential element for building a highly effective organization. So, we believe that every professional should be a chief purpose officer.

One of the most important roles of a leader is to communicate the strategic reasoning behind team members’ responsibilities. Great managers connect the work they assign to the bigger picture. However, there is also a personal aspect of purpose. Every member of the organization has reasons why he or she cares about the work.

In a way, every APEX associate is responsible for driving and developing the company vision. Everyone contributes to the firm’s culture, which includes the sense of purpose that unites us. Making this an official aspect of people’s jobs will help them feel more connected to the company. Additionally, it will make the culture more meaningful to them on a personal level.

This idea is most effective when applied from an individual’s first day with a team. If he or she is involved in defining purpose right away, it will be a central aspect of his or her job. Set expectations and give the person chances to define the motivating reasons behind his or her work.

Making everyone a chief purpose officer will create a more energized and connected team. Find more ideas like this by following APEX on Twitter.