Effective Leadership: It’s All About Trust

What is the one thing that all great leaders have? It’s trust from others. These individuals know that to be effective and meet goals, they need support from their teams. They need to earn their trust. During our APEX coaching sessions, we discuss the keys to being an authentic leader and how these traits instill confidence in others for our abilities:

  • Self-Aware: Leaders are human beings, with their own imperfections. Therefore, it’s best to show humility and even vulnerability, including owning up to any mistakes or weaknesses. As we’ve noted, people respect and better relate to others who can admit to being flawed. 
  • Balanced View: Objectivity is critical to trustworthy leadership. Within the APEX office, we learn it’s best to gather and weigh all the facts to make informed decisions. We strive to listen to all stakeholders and incorporate their input into our thought processes. This approach ensures that whatever solution we arrive at is fair and balanced for everyone involved. 
  • Moral Compass: Honorable leaders let their consciences guide their actions. Our APEX values like integrity, transparency, and accountability are at the forefront in our daily work. When people align their moral compass and let it point them in the right direction, others will trust their judgement.

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