Guidelines for Mastering the Art of Conversation

Building rapport with consumers is a central aspect of the APEX marketing approach. Conversation skills are essential to being able to effectively promote the products in our portfolio. We provide in-depth training to all our people to ensure they are prepared to have meaningful interactions with their audiences. Here are a few guidelines for mastering the art of conversation:

• Start on a Positive Note: Starting a conversation with a compliment will set the relationship off on a positive note. The more specific the compliment, the more effective it will be. For example, you might mention that you enjoyed someone’s speech or recent publication.

• Embrace Small Talk: Interactions don’t always need to get to the point right away. While idle chat may seem pointless, it builds trust and deepens the connection. Always have a few small talk topics in mind to keep the discussion alive.

• Ask Plenty of Questions: We make sure every APEX associate fully understands the value of asking questions. It really can’t be overstated. If you want to become an effective conversationalist, start asking people lots of questions. They will keep the chat flowing and will convey your interest in learning about whomever you are talking to.

• Avoid Complaining: Many people default to negative subjects when they are out of topics to discuss. However, complaining leaves a less-than-ideal impression, especially on first-time acquaintances. Try to keep the interaction light and focused on positivity.

Follow these guidelines to have great conversations with everyone you meet. Learn other such ideas from APEX by liking us on Facebook.