Hiring Push to Focus on Attitude and Cultural Fit

We are hiring new associates to join us at APEX. Our recent success has enabled us to grow our team to accommodate more business. We are excited to find talented people to join us. This hiring push will be focused on candidates who fit well with our company culture.

As Jaye explains, “We’re looking for someone who wants to build himself or herself from the ground up. Someone who is looking for a career, opportunity, and growth.”

Everyone working with APEX can achieve significant career advancement. We provide many opportunities for growth and allow people to move forward at their own paces. So, the best candidates for our team tend to be very self-motivated and excited to learn.

“We want people who enjoy teamwork and developing their abilities together,” Jaye added. “We want whoever is interested to be up for a bit of a challenge but also some excitement. This is not a typical 9-5 job and I want to make sure whoever joins our team can match the office culture we already have.”

While experience is always valuable, we place a higher emphasis on softer characteristics. People who are determined, team-oriented, flexible, and growth-minded tend to succeed in our organization. We offer complete training to every new team member so existing skill set is not as important to us.

Anyone interested in joining our team should apply via our website. You can also keep up to date with our latest news by checking out the APEX Newswire.