Make Online Networking Work to Your Advantage

We do considerable networking as part of our APEX business model. In today’s global economy, virtual connections are necessary for professional growth. Here are some steps we try to apply that can help maximize the impact of digital networking:

• Know the Platforms: There are many opportunities to connect with others online. Social media platforms tend to attract different groups or individuals depending on their networking objectives. For example, LinkedIn is a powerful site if our intent is to make professional connections or contribute to industry forums. Facebook has a more social feel, and is better for making friends or participating in group forums. Twitter is geared for those who want to express their thoughts and build a following.

• Have a Plan: As we discussed during a recent APEX meeting, when we network online, it’s important to consider our personal brand and reputation. Therefore, we should have an idea of the image we want to project as well as set goals for each platform we use. We might consider if we’re trying to meet other people or establish ourselves as thought leaders or experts.

• Connect in Real Life: With our APEX conferences, our people have a chance to meet those individuals with whom they might have formed an online bond. Remember, as convenient as networking digitally might be, it shouldn’t replace real-life connections.

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