Why Purpose Is Essential to Lasting Performance

One of the secrets behind APEX’s success is the sense of purpose we have developed among our team members. We know that the motivating reasons behind one’s work leads to long-term performance. Here are four reasons why leaders should emphasize defining purpose:

• It Explains Why: People like to understand why their work is important to themselves and to the team. It is challenging to stay productive if you don’t know why you are doing something. For example, you may get up early every morning to exercise because you want to lose weight. Knowing that reason is essential to maintaining the habit.

• It Makes the Little Things Matter: Our accomplishments are more than just the large projects. Every small action also contributes to our success. By knowing the APEX vision, we can see greater meaning in even the simplest of activities. We know that they combine and contribute toward realizing our grander goals.

• It Enhances Morale: A positive work environment can benefit teams in innumerable ways. When people are happy and energized, they will be more productive and care more about their results. Having a clear sense of purpose can go a long way in boosting team morale.

• It Provides Direction: In many cases, teams are driven by aspirations that can’t be realized in a few hours, days, or weeks. Most strategic objectives require many smaller projects to come together for grander success. Knowing why that audacious goal matters can simplify and clarify short-term decisions.

Purpose can help business teams become more productive and effective. Learn more about how our vision motivates us by following APEX on Twitter.