Ready to Relax in Punta Cana

Travel events fill up our APEX calendars, including conferences, seminars, and networking functions. We also give our people the chance to unwind through R&R trips, one of which is coming up soon and will take selected team members to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Jaye, our Director of Operations, explained, “Six of our leaders will be heading out to Punta Cana to enjoy some much-needed relaxation. My team works really hard, so I’m excited to give them the chance to unwind in an exotic locale. The fact that they’ll also be able to add helpful contacts to their networks in the process is just icing on the cake.”

Networking potential is one of the prime benefits of any industry gathering, which makes travel well worth the investment. Jaye remarked, “Our people have learned how to make meaningful connections with top leaders and talented peers. They use a measured approach to focus on the best potential contacts, which includes doing research on people before they meet in person.”

Jaye also likes the fact that traveling builds up people’s capacity for adapting to change. He added, “Our industry is constantly evolving, so we need to make sure APEX can quickly shift to meet consumers’ needs. Every trip helps our associates become more agile in dealing with unexpected situations, from delayed flights to itinerary changes.”

We’re looking forward to making the most of the Punta Cana trip.