The Sound of Confident Public Speaking

As we’ve worked to improve our public speaking skills around the APEX office, we’ve discovered that our voices are important tools of the trade. In other words, the way we sound is a significant part of the impression we make on any given group of listeners. Here are a few basic vocal concepts we’re refining to become more impactful presenters.

The tone of our voices has a significant impact on how we’re perceived, so we do our best to avoid using a higher pitch at the end of sentences. This tendency, which is known as up-speak, undermines our authority as speakers, so we’re conscious of keeping strident tones as we deliver our presentations.

We also try to maintain steady rhythm when we speak in front of an audience, because speaking too quickly without taking pauses is a sure sign of nervousness. Audience members feel this nervous energy as well, which makes it difficult for them to focus on the important points being made. We use deliberate pauses and deep breaths to ensure that every APEX address is as memorable as it can be.

Speaking at too high or low a volume won’t project confidence. With that in mind, we use a voice just slightly above our normal levels so that we’re clearly heard without being too aggressive.

These vocal strategies are helping us give more effective speeches with confidence.