Our Team Is Headed to Dallas!

Industry events are one of the many perks our people enjoy as APEX associates for their hard work and dedication to our goals. Soon, several members of our team will be headed to Dallas, Texas where they will participate in a national conference.

“We just had a slew of associates graduate from the first phase of our management program,” said Jaye, our APEX Director of Operations. “These people put forth tremendous effort to hit their goals and achieve the milestones we set for them. This trip to Dallas is one of the rewards they enjoy.”

Jaye explained that these conferences add value to our firm in many ways. “This is more than just a chance to travel,” he said. “Each of these conferences offers our associates a plethora of information and knowledge that they can return and share with our APEX office. Attendees are primarily our people who are on their pathways to leadership roles, which is the focus of these functions.”

“The networking opportunities are unbelievable,” Jaye continued. “Our people meet top industry leaders. They build connections with individuals from other regions who share their enthusiasm for the work we do. Each event they attend helps our team members build confidence in their professional abilities.”

Since we emphasize learning, we attend many functions like this conference. Check out our Newswire to see where we’re headed next.