Use APEX Canada’s Time-Management Advice

Effectively managing the time they have in a given day is what sets the highest achievers apart from their less-accomplished peers. If you want to get closer to your most ambitious career goals, our APEX Canada leaders recommend putting these time-management tips to good use:

• Never Do Simple Things Twice: Checking email should be at the top of this list, because there’s no reason to put off reading and responding to your messages. Don’t save your replies for later; get them out of the way as soon as you see that a response is needed.

• Properly Schedule Meetings: People waste a lot of time waiting for meetings to start, so we at APEX Canada recommend stacking them whenever possible. Give yourself just a few short minutes to write down some important notes, and then move on to the next meeting as quickly as you possibly can.

• Don’t Let Obstacles Slow You Down: It’s inevitable that you will come up against a roadblock or two as you pursue audacious goals, but don’t let these setbacks hinder your progress too much. Rather than waste time worrying about how you will clear a particular hurdle, take a step back, focus on other urgent tasks, and forge a fresh perspective on the one that’s currently vexing you.

With these suggestions from APEX Canada’s leaders, you will manage your time more effectively and get closer to your ultimate career goals.